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These are some projects I did and involved with

WhatsHalal (2018-2019)

WhatsHalal started as food delivery company aiming to provide end-to-end / farm-to-table halal assurance.

Premium Outlet Malaysia (2019)

App for Premium Outlet in Malaysia.

Doctor2U (2018)

Doctor in your pocket. Get direct access and consultancy with medical practitioner directly from your phone.

VidInt (2017)

VidInt is an app to help user practice for video interview and apply for job.

Mengaji (2017)

Mengaji is an app that allow user to learn Qur'an recital on their own pace.

ActionCity (2016)

ActionCity is e-commerce platform that allow its user to purchase, book, or bid exclusive collectible merchandise.

Mindvalley Academy (2014-2016)

Mindvalley is your daily Coach app for Evolved Education. Learn about Mindfulness and how to set Goals for your Mind, Body and Health, improving your Motivation and Productivity.

Omvana (2014-2016)

Omvana is your personal meditation and mindfulness teacher.